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About VSH United

VSH United is a group of companies established in 1958 and headquartered in Paramaribo, Suriname. The Groups activities include Shipping, Trading, Manufacturing, Real Estate development and management. Other associated companies are involved in Insurance, Banking and in the Hospitality industry.

Group Structure

NV Verenigde Surinaanse Holdingmij.-/United Suriname Holding Company has nine subsidiaries and three associated companies twelve of which are operating in Suriname and one in Miami, Fl., USA.  The subsidiaries are independent operating entities. The Holding company provides strategic guidance, financial and administrative services and acts as legal and human resource counsel.
The associated companies operate as separate entities from the VSH United Group.

Corporate Governance

The Holding Company has a two tiered governance structure comprised of a Supervisory Board of Directors and a Management Board. The Supervisory Board consists of six members. The management Board consists of the Chief Executive Officer  and Chief Legal Officer  assisted by Chief Financial Officer. Authority and responsibility of the Supervisory Board and the Management Board are laid down in the By-Laws and the Corporate Governance Code.